Why Niche Websites Fail

why niche websites fail

Niche websites represent one of the most profitable online investments available. However, thousands of niche websites are discarded before ever making any money. Why Niche Websites fail is a question that many niche website owners would love to know, and below is a summary of the main reasons why niche websites fail.

  • Lack of a clear strategy
  • Choosing a Niche That Is Not Profitable
  • Low-Quality Content
  • Lack of Connection with Your Readers
  • Having Short-term Goals
  • Weak Social Media Presence
  • No Link Building Strategy
  • No mailing list
  • Lack of a Branding Strategy
  • You Don’t Provide Solutions to Problems
  • Lack of consistency
  • Analysis Paralysis
  • Lack of a Financial Plan and Poor Funding
  • Targeting High Competitive Keywords

Lack of a Clear Strategy

You don’t just wake up day and embark on the process of creating a niche website. The method of building a niche website should follow a structured format. Decide on the niche you want to develop your website around and embark on gathering enough information on that niche, getting an appropriate website design theme, among other strategies.

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Choosing a Niche That Is Not Profitable

It is essential that you perform in-depth research on the profitability of a niche and its appropriate keywords before settling on it. Some of the signs that a niche is not profitable and would result in your niche website failing include:

  • There are very minimal searches done on your keywords by internet users
  • The niche is extremely competitive
  • The niche has low-priced products and services whose commissions aren’t big enough to cover your expenses

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Low-Quality Content

Google algorithms changes in the last couple of years, having been de-ranking low-quality content.  After the first Google Panda update in 2010, Google penalized website that contained content written for its search engine as opposed for humans.

Websites containing many backlinks with keyword rich anchor texts for purposes of ranking highly on Google SERPs have been the biggest casualty in Google algorithmic changes. Google gives preference to content that is informative and provides value to users.

Lack of Connection with Your Readers

The era of just compiling and publishing affiliate links to your website and expecting strangers to purchase from your site is long gone. You must build trust and establish yourself as an authority in your niche for people to take your recommendations seriously. Some of the strategies you can use to build trust and credibility with your readers are:

  • Develop high quality blog posts
  • Create a Facebook group for your subscribers
  • Give FREE giveaways to your subscribers such as downloadable ebooks or guides.

Having Short-term Goals

Having short-term goals for your niche website will never get you far. You’ll need to spend many months working on your niche website, trying out different strategies before it generates income. Strive to have long-term goals to avoid your niche website from failing.

Weak Social Media Presence

Getting organic web traffic through your optimized content is, but you shouldn’t wholly rely on it. You should strive to ramp up your social media presence and create a buzz within your niche. Many of the social media channels have business features integrated within that help companies to scale their businesses such as Facebook pages, Instagram stories, LinkedIn, etc.

No Link Building Strategy

White-hat link building strategies are fundamental in having good rankings on Google SERPs as Google search engines give preference to content that links internally to relevant data and has external links to authority links.

No mailing list

Having a mailing list of subscribers is regarded among the most critical components in any digital marketing strategy. An email list with subscribers allows you to implement lead generation strategies within a sales funnel whose ultimate aim is to convert those subscribers into buyers.
Consider deploying one of these credible email marketing platforms in your niche website:

mailchimp image


Lack of a Branding Strategy

Branding identifies and differentiates your product from other products. An effective branding strategy of your niche website will give it an upper edge within the increasingly competitive niche markets.

Start treating your niche website as a business as opposed to a hobby. Get a professionally designed logo and a domain name that represents your niche products and services. Your products and services should all be aligned to your brand philosophy, every single item adding value to your brand. Remember, if you don’t take your brand seriously, potential customers won’t trust your brand and therefore won’t purchase from it.

You Don’t Provide Solutions to Problems

Newbie niche website owners entering the industry begin by creating niche websites that don’t address or provide solutions for their intended target audience, and this is the number one reason why niche websites fail.
People visit websites to learn and find answers to their questions and problems. Provide them the answers they’re looking for, and you can be assured of success.

Stop focusing on making money and start focusing on people. We have too many niche sites full of review posts that don’t add any value or provide assistance, focus on the needs of your target audience, and the rest will follow.

Lack of consistency

Create a content calendar and stick to it. Create and send out content, bring in new products, and offers within your stipulated timeframe. Niche websites rarely attract visitors and earnings within the first few weeks or months, but eventually, with consistent delivering of quality content and a combination of social media marketing strategies, you will begin to see a spike in your web traffic, resulting to your first earnings.

Analysis Paralysis

This describes the over-analyzing or over-thinking of a situation which causes making the final decision impossible or ‘paralyzed.’  Avoid analyzing little or no data during the initial stages developing your niche website as these will make you lose focus on the critical tasks that need to be done.

Concentrate on implementing your strategies as stipulated in your strategy report and analyze those reports at the opportune time.

Lack of a Financial Plan and Poor Funding

A majority of people entering the niche website business industry usually don’t have enough financial resources to launch a formidable niche website to compete with competitors within the same industry.

The niche website industry is competitive, and an excellent financial base is required to effectively launch a product that will generate enough revenue to sustain itself and leave something for you behind.

Targeting High Competitive Keywords

Many newly formed niche websites fail to make any traction because they start by targeting high competitive keywords. They’re driven by success stories of niche websites which have made it, oblivious to the fact that the higher the competition, the harder it will be to rank.

Start by targeting the less competitive keywords, gaining experience as you grow and eventually you’ll have acquired a wide range of skills to go for the high competitive keywords and start earning massive commissions from your products and services.

Final Thoughts

Niche websites fail for many reasons. However, those niche websites that are been able to differentiate themselves and stand out within the vast niche website marketing industry will be able to generate huge revenues from affiliate commissions and sales of own products and services.

We at Niche Site Creations have made it very easy for newbie internet marketers who want a piece of the action to acquire a ready-made, pre-built niche website which you can set up and start earning commissions immediately on your preferred niche.

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