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Keyword Research Report

Giving you a profitable foundation to grow your niche site income

What Are Keyword Research Reports?

Keyword research is a crucial step in creating a successful niche website. After all, your entire niche website is based off of the keywords you select. Think of keyword research like a house. To build a house you first need to create a solid foundation. Next you’ll build the frame and finish building the house on top of the foundation. If your foundation isn’t good quality, it doesn’t matter how good the rest of your house is.

It’s the same with keyword research. If you don’t select the right keywords, it doesn’t matter if you have an amazing website and spend 8 hours a day writing content and driving traffic to the website. The wrong keywords attract the wrong traffic (if they attract traffic at all) and this means you’ll be creating content and optimizing your website around the wrong keywords as well.

Who Are Keyword Research Reports For?

Our keyword research kickstarter reports are for anyone who would like to build their own niche website but would like help with selecting the right niche, keywords and products to build a successful niche website around.

What Is Included In a Keyword Research Report?

Our keyword research reports include absolutely everything you need to get you started. Each report includes:

  • Targeted niche
  • 6-10 main keywords
  • Numerous related searches
  • Local monthly searches
  • Cost-per-click
  • Keyword competitiveness score
  • Specific amazon products to promote
  • Adsense monetization opportunities
  • A detailed guide on how to understand your report, how to analyze the data, how to use your keywords on your website, how to create content and more information for building your niche site.

How Many Reports Do You Have?

Each month we only post a limited number of keyword research reports. The reason we do this is because we only want to offer fresh keyword reports. The research for each report is no older than 7 days and each report is only sold one time. This means the niche, keywords and products you are receiving are unique and are not being offered to others.

Who Picks the Niche?

If you have an existing niche site or are in the process of creating one, we can provide you with a detailed keyword research report based around your niche. If you want to start creating affiliate income through niche sites but aren’t sure where to start, you can choose from one of our new keyword research reports that will start you off with a great niche to target and all the supporting keywords you’ll need to be successful.

​Available Keyword Research Reports

Fresh keyword research reports with low competition keywords in profitable niches