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Product Review Videos

Generate fast, passive affiliate sales with or without a website. 

Product review videos are a great way to generate affiliate commissions with less effort than building an entire niche site. If you already have a niche site, video reviews are a great way to compliment your website and generate additional traffic channels. Our product review videos are created to help you increase your income by driving more traffic to your affiliate products.

Google loves videos. Especially YouTube videos since they do own YouTube after all. This means it requires less time, money and effort to rank these videos high in search results. Often times you can rank videos within a couple of days to a couple of weeks instead of having to wait months to see any results and start earning money.

Simply tell us what product you’d like to promote (we can help with this if you’d like) and then we’ll get started. It’s as simple as that!

What’s Included

When you invest in product review videos we want to see your videos rank highly in order for you to see the most revenue. Here’s what you can expect when you order a product review video from us:

  • Full video creation
  • ​2+ minutes in length
  • ​Your choice of product
  • ​HD quality
  • ​Background music
  • ​Call-to-action
  • ​1 revision included
  • A guide on video rankings

​Have a question? We're here to help!